Trees and Development

BS 5837: 2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition & Construction – Recommendations

Local Planning Authorities are duty-bound to assess the impact that a new development could have on existing trees within or immediately adjacent to a proposed site. 

Experienced in all areas of Arboriculture we use BS 5837: 2012 to satisfy all requirements across the three main phases set out in the British Standard.

Phase 1 - Pre-development Tree Survey

This is the first step in the arboricultural assessment process and is an essential part of a planning application if trees are located within your site.

We record the arboricultural base-line and categorises your tree stock based on tree quality and arboricultural value. We then produce a Tree Constraints Plan (TCP) and check for Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) within your site. 

Phase 2 - Arboricultural Impact Assessment

This will normally be asked for by a Local Planning Authority to accompany an application. We use the site data recorded as part of the Pre-development Tree Survey (Phase 1) and the proposed design details to assess potential impacts a proposed development could have on an existing tree stock. It takes account of both above and below ground constraints.

Where necessary, our Arboricultural Impact Assessments will set out bespoke mitigation and protection measures for trees within close proximity to a proposed development.

Phase 3 - Arboricultural Method Statement & Tree Protection Plans

An Arboricultural Method Statement is a document detailing how particular processes or construction activities will be carried out when working near trees. Local Planning Authorities may request this as a condition of planning consent. This also provides a working document for on site personnel.

A Tree Protection Plan is included as part of an Arboricultural Method Statement and indicates the locations of protective fencing or other bespoke protective measures used to protect retained trees.

Additional Arboricultural Services and Mitigation Works


A Local Planning Authority or site owner may request additional arboricultural services where developments could potentially impact retained trees. We can provide the following services:

· Pre-commencement meeting and Toolbox Talks

· Arboricultural monitoring during and post-development

· Arboricultural watching briefs and site supervision

· Tree safety assessments to meet a duty of care

· Soil amendments and improvements to the rooting environment including vertical mulching and soil de-compaction works

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